Welcome to Eternal Anime: The Worlds I Love collective & archive!

This is my little fanpage showcasing fanworks, fanshrines and fanlistings of some of my favorite anime series. I even boast an archive and re-host some of my favorite fanfiction off of AO3 (with linkbacks of course) There is no hate or shame here... I may be cringe, but I am free, dammit!

I am also beginning an effort to archive some of my favorite pages of the internet before they are lost to the void for good... I know the wayback machine exists, but their archives arent always as thurough as I'd like, y'know?

I hope you enjoy your stay, and may kindness guide you to where happiness finds you!

Slam Jams, 2024


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Changing Tides and Times!

Happy March! Hope you're all having as much fun (see: work) as I am.

I updated my Sakura TCG post to have a shiny new layout, so now it looks much cuter with Hanako and the gang :3 Hopefully I can stop tweaking it so I can actually collect some cards...

I also finally added a new gallery site: Wallpapers. Eternal Anime first started out as a Wallpaper site, after all, and this is all wallpapers I've had downloaded to my harddrives for years to share with all of you. This site is completely seperate from my collective and archive to make it a much easier experience to navigate! If you notice any fanart please don't be afraid to contact me- I tried to make sure everything was sourced from official artists (Except for the Persona wallpaper- that ones actually personal!)

I haven't gotten to work on endless journey for a bit, since I am still recovering from COVID. It truly is a slow process, but eventually I want to collaborate more on the discord with what I could add and fit into the site. However my communication has mostly been Work 10hrs -> Read a book -> Sleep -> Work 10hrs -> Code -> Sleep as of late.

Another thing that is slowly in the works: my fan collective and fanlisting/archives will be split into two sites. My fan collective currently resides at the fan sub-domain, while eternal-anime remains an archive host but all the goodies are still stuffed into the fan subdomain. I hope to get these seperated at one point for less clutter so I can retain my sanity a little longer :3

I am also happy to announce that I got a new archive up - There's some Midis I got from a... baby screensaver DVD CD? So I uploaded all of those and got them ready to go.

Anyway, thats all from me on updates. Hopefully your Valentines was much better than mine, and I'll see you all next update. Cheers!
Posted on 06 Mar 2024

And we're back!


I finally got my domain and hosting re-instated, with everything re-uploaded :3 I'm still having issues with Enthusiast and that may persist until the end of time honestly, the stats will not work in my favor and I may need to cut out fanlisting for a while until I get FansRite completed. Thanks COVID for giving me 5 days of focusing on things aha (dies)

kinotabi.info is also back, and I'm giving it more updates than ever :D I'm currently working on the music page over there!

The only downfall is solstice.party was bought by someone else (I'm sorry if you're getting a ton of requests from my site- I'm still trying to fix URLS!) but that's OK, I hope they have a happy marriage!

More will be added to this later, its 4am and I want to rest a little more before I keep working on this. I hope ya'll have a good Tuesday. Cheers!
Posted on 13 Feb 2024
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